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Still Not Sure If Behavioural Cash Flow Planning Is For You?

If you are still not convinced that cash flow planning is important to your over all financial plan – let’s us recap a few key points.

Behavioural Cash Flow Planning is not a BUDGET.  Although there is nothing wrong with having a budget.  Many of us will agree that over time it does not really work because no one likes to be told what to do with their money.

Behavioural Cash Flow Planning on the other hand is about harnessing your cash flow so you can get more life from the money you have.  This means stopping those  high inefficient interest rate leakages that are usually represented by high interest rate credit card balances.  It also allows you to take control of your day to day expenses so that you can spend your money on the things that really matter.

Take a look at these real life situations in which cash flow planning provided a high value solution for these individuals. The link will take you to our website.  Please scroll down or go to the right of the page to download our case studies.


Attractive business woman relaxing and smiling

How can a cash flow plan work for a single individual? Single Individual


1 young black couple with two little kids - iStock

How can a cash flow plan work for a young family? Young Family 


10 years from retirement

How can a cash flow plan work if you are 10 years from retirement? 10 Years from Retirement

As I work more and more with families and individuals, I believe that cash flow planning really is the missing piece of the financial planning puzzle.




Joy is the Founder and CEO of Covenant Wealth Financial Services. She is also a Group Benefits Advisor and Certified Cash Flow Specialist. She believes that life is built by design - and individuals have the ability and the creativity to live their dreams and aspirations by the financial choices they make. Joy is also passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. She has mentored and has helped launched several companies. She is currently the organizer of a startup community and has volunteered for different organizations in the startup ecosystem.

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