Cashflow Planning Life Hacks

What is Behavioural Cash Flow Planning?

Maybe the reason things haven’t changed is because you have not changed.” Dr. Cindy Trimm

Change is hard because it goes again our nature tendencies.  It requires discipline and a shift in our thinking. It often requires us to move out of our comfortable zone ….and most people will find themselves hitting a wall.

Over the last year, we had to go through a change.  We recently introduced Behavioural Cash Flow Planning into our processes.  We knew that it was the best that we could offer our clients in helping them to manage their day to day cash flow situation so that they could achieve both their short term and long-term goals.  Was this transition easy? No, but we were determined to surrender to the process. Once we did this, everything started changing.

As you read this blog post, I hope you will also do the same.

What is A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan

It is a written document including specific advice on personal spending based on a standardized process that allows a Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS)  to consider your income, expenses, assets and liabilities, specific goals and recommend how much you can spend on the things you can control to achieve your dreams.

It includes specific and clear advice on both spending and debt repayment.  A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan is NOT a budget.  It is a plan that helps manage your day -to-day cash flow.  It considers your financial obligations.  It provides guidance on future costs like purchasing your next vehicle, handling emergencies and planning for major expenses such as renovations with the exact amount you should focus on spending with expenses you can control.

How Can A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan Benefits You?

It will help you to;

  • Find the money to fund your dreams
  • Show you how to save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in inefficient interest.
  • Stop money leaks on stuff that doesn’t really matter so you’ll have the money for stuff that does.

Ask Yourself

  • Have you ever felt that your financial goals or dreams are not 100% funded?
  • Do you feel like you make great money but are unsure where it goes at the end of every month?
  • If you could make your money do anything in the next 12-18 months what would it do?

The next step is simply stepping out of  your comfort zone and allowing the Behavioural Cash Flow Planning process to show you a better way!






Joy is the Founder and CEO of Covenant Wealth Financial Services. She is also a Group Benefits Advisor and Certified Cash Flow Specialist. She believes that life is built by design - and individuals have the ability and the creativity to live their dreams and aspirations by the financial choices they make. Joy is also passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. She has mentored and has helped launched several companies. She is currently the organizer of a startup community and has volunteered for different organizations in the startup ecosystem.

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